The ARTS of Collaboration

  • Collaboration in Action
  •     Collaboration Research
  •        Collaboration Training
  •           Collaboration Strategy

Providing applied research and practical solutions to government, corporations and non-profit organizations, the Institute for Collaborative Engagement (Institute) seeks to utilize collaborative strategies to bring about effective and sustainable change.

With expertise in Organizational Change and Development, Corporate Governance, Social Justice, Negotiation & Mediation, and Human Rights, the Institute seeks to provide strategic assistance, based on sound research, to institutions and organizations throughout the world.

The Institute, has a number of Program Areas on which it is currently working, in the areas of Action, Research, Training and Strategy. In all programs, the hallmark of the Institute is in applying innovative and interdisciplinary collaborative strategies to sometimes vexing and longstanding social and organizational problems. It is our experience that even seemingly intractable issues, when appropriately re-envisioned, can be made more manageable.

The institute also provides opportunities for internships for those whose studies intersect with our program areas.

Other training and dialogue opportunities are available periodically.

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