Fellows Program

Leaders from a variety of fields are selected to conduct original research as part of the Institute's Fellow's program.

Dr. Wendell Jones

Wendell Jones is part of the Advanced Concepts Group at Sandia National Laboratories. He applies both his background in science and collaborative strategies to find new solutions to complex problems. In 2006 Dr. Jones served as the facilitator to help negotiate the United States Government reduction of nuclear weapons.

Benjamin Ferencz, J.D.

In 1945 Benjamin Ferencz served as prosecutor under the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. The Einsatzgruppen Case, over which he served as chief prosecutor, was described by the Associated Press as "the biggest murder trial in history." Ferencz was only 22 at the time and it was his first case. The trial resulted in all of the defendants being found guilty. Subsequently Ferencz devoted his life to the peaceful settlement of conflict and the rule of law. "Nuremberg taught me that creating a world of tolerance and compassion would be a long and arduous task. And I also learned that if we did not devote ourselves to developing effective world law, the same cruel mentality that made the Holocaust possible might one day destroy the entire human race." He is the author of numerous writings including: A Common Sense Guide to World Peace; Planethood; and New Legal Foundations for Global Survival: Security Through the Security Council.

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