The Institute, as part of its educational goals, seeks to promote research and writing in areas that apply collaborative strategies to social or organizational issues. These resources are available upon request. If you would like to obtain any of our Institute resources, please contact us and state clearly which item(s) you are interested in.

Highlighted Workplace Resource

Blueprints for Success—Organizations are continually seeking new ways to improve governance, encourage ethical behavior, and facilitate productive workplaces that are more efficient. Employees seek workplaces that likewise evidence high ethical standards and fair treatment and provide safe avenues to share good ideas, facilitate workplace problems and guide them on surfacing problems to management. We believe that Ombudsman programs can be ideal mechanisms for this in all sectors, organizations and governments. The Blueprints manual guides those interested in establishing organizational ombudsman programs.

Suggested Readings & Resources

Books by Collaboration at Work Participants

Making Globalization Work. Joseph E. Stiglitz


All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity. Robert W. Fuller


Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank. Robert W. Fuller


Words over War: Mediation and Arbitration to Prevent Deadly Conflict. Melanie Greenberg


Brutal Bosses and Their Prey: How to Identify and Overcome Abuse in the Workplace. Harvey Hornstein


The Ethical Imagination. Margaret Somerville


On Apology. Aaron Lazare


Bringing Peace Into the Room. Daniel Bowling and David Hoffman


The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models for analyzing, diagnosing and resolving conflict. Gary T. Furlong


The CEO and the Monk: One company's journey to profit an purpose. Robert Catell and Kenny Moore.


Federal Dispute Resolution: Using ADR with the united states government. Jeffrey Senger


The Social Psychology of Procedural Justice. Allan Lind and Tom Tyler


Social Justice in a Diverse Society. Tom Tyler


What's Fair: Ethics for negotiators. Carrie Menkel-Meadow and Michael Wheeler


The Cheating Culture: Why more Americans are doing wrong to get ahead. David Callahan


The Ethical Canary: Science, society and the human spirit. Margaret Somerville.

Other Suggested Resources

The Consensus-Building Handbook. Lawrence Susskind,


Systems Thinking: Managing Chaos and Complexity, A platform for designing business architecture. Jamshid Gharajedaghi


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