Shalom-Salaam Reconciliation Project

In a climate of destructive conflicts around the world, many are using a variety of strategies for bringing about reconciliation among the disputing parties. One strategy developed and utilized by the Institute for Collaborative Engagement is to use a concept held basically by most of the religions, especially by the three major religions of the world—Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This concept is expressed by different terminologies such as "shalom", "salaam" and "salaamti" in different religions. This approach emphasizes the wholeness, well-being and flourishing of all that God has created in all of its interrelatedness.

Based on our work, Shalom-Salaam Reconciliation Projects (SSRP) have been started, which are being used to promote reconciliation among disputing individuals, communities and nations. These SSRP projects take groups around the world to work with, and learn from, those who have been involved in seemingly intractable conflicts. Instead of using win-loose, victory-defeat and victim-oppressor language, emphasis is placed on the wholeness and well being of all including the "other".

Using this theological concept, promoted by most religions, people are encouraged to stay at the conversation table and find solutions to the brokenness of human beings and ethnic, religious, corporate and political communities.

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